Atelier Pierre Kobel
presents you
its new state-of-the-art creation

The Cylinder

The watch winding system with
an automatic movement

Revolutionary Ingenious Stylishly Designed

Cylinder's detail


Technology Bluetooth BLE.

Parameter management and powercheck by Smartphone applications.

The Cylinder is the most compact system of automatic winding watch on the market.

The Cylinder's watch detection allows about 2 years of autonomy. His Cylindrical shape enable the adaptation on any case.

PC app and smartphone for access to programming software for winding specific to each model for all major brands.
Automatic security locking system.


His cylindrical shape enables his adaptation on any watch cases.

Patented clip attachment on the back of the Cylinder to optimise exhibiting on a display.

Charge control by LED - easy battery replacement.

4 AA Power battery.

About 2 years autonomy.

2 bracelet support sizes. (Women & Men)



Enable for any cases and customize under request. (branding, logo, color, leather suit or other)


Module Cylinder

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